Fundraising – 2011

In 2011,  we are fundraising for the following equipment for Georgia.

  • Dynavox VMax + (an electronic communication device).  Approx $17,000 AUD (includes mounting kit for wheelchair and also school table). 
  • Swivel carseat Approx $4,000.00 AUD
  • Apple I-Pad for home and school based activities.  Approx $1000.00
  • Boardmaker Plus! v.6 Approx $800.00
  • Arm & Leg Wraps (for sensory based input and stability) $150.00
  • Dynamic Second Skin Support Suit $1,900.00

We will also need extra funding for therapeutic services outside of school funding as the amount allocated by the Australian Government will not cover a full year of therapy.


We are running three fundraisers in 2011.  The first is “Georgia’s Auction”, afternoon on March 20th where we will be auctioning off items in the hope of getting our fundraising account up and running.  There will be live music, raffles and a light afternoon tea provided.  Some of the items we already have to auction off are: A 40″ LCD Television, a Coffee/Espresso Machine, a portable fridge, a flying lesson and golf games.  We are hoping to get some accommodation packages and beauty packages also.  If you have any items you would like to donate to the auction, please contact me.  We are looking for holiday packages and major items such as electrical goods, plus small giftware and gift vouchers etc for the smaller silent auction.  A huge thanks to my friend Michelle who has volunteered to run the auction and already put so much effort into it.

The second fundraising event is the “Ride for Georgia”.  In early April there is a Charity bicycle tour the “Murray-to-Moyne”, where cyclists ride over 500 km from Echuca to Port Fairy in Victoria.  We have been approached by a friend of  who has volunteered to enter a team of cyclists to raise money. We are looking for sponsors of the team.     Anyone who would like to become a sponsor can contact me.  Thanks so much to Chris Waixel and family.

Our third and final fundraising event is through the very kind support of Lynda’s friend Jenny who has volunteered to book a shopping tour in early October.  All profits from the shopping tour are to come to Georgia’s fund within CPEC.  Having experience of these tours myself, this one should prove to be a lot of fun (what woman doesn’t love shopping?) and much more enjoyable than riding 500km! Thanks Jenny!

Thank you for your interest.

UPDATE:  It really has been remiss of me to not update you further, so for that I apologise.  We are indebted to quite a few people who helped us with the three fundraising events, too many to list in full, but I will single out a few people:

The auction for Georgia was a huge success. We managed to cram around 130 people into the small clubrooms of the South Croydon Cricket/Football Club.  We had so many silent and main auction items that it was actually quite hard to see everything that was on offer.  Garry Prigg, the CEO of CPEC officiated the main auction for us and as he is known to do, really set the mood of the auction. He outlined, more succintly Georgia’s plight, far better than we would ever be able to do.  Shane Cannon, a friend of ours, created a small 5 minute video of Georgia through her first 6 years, and this helped give a background of how far she has come with CPEC’s help.  We had weekend getaways, football jumpers, a beautiful guitar, which was won by Tyla Bertolli (of X-Factor fame) and many more goodies.  Altogether, we managed to raise around $23,000 which meant that we were able to purchase her dynavox, purchase her wraps and have money put aside for the future. 

Thank you again to Michelle and Gary Maggiore, Lynda & Andrew Buckley, John & Janine Dinnell, Shane Cannon, Jenny Brown, Garry Prigg, Pam Arthur, Anthony Arthur, Pat and Robyn and everyone who contributed to such a great day.

The Murray-to-Moyne Bike Ride was also a great success. Chris Waixel, Garry Prigg and all the riders started their 500km journey from Echuca.  Due to the kindness of Denis Body, the boys had a place to stay overnight before the race start from Echuca Wharf.  The driving for the support vehicles was tough going, so you can imagine how hard it was for the riders. Unfortunately, as this was our first time, we didn’t realise that we were doing the race wrong and the riders were only supposed to ride 30km or so at one time (relay style).  At the point that this was realised, two of the riders had been riding for over 100km – an awesome , awesome effort, but no wonder why most of them could hardly walk for about a week afterwards!  Amazing in itself that nearly all of them are repeating the experience – they have volunteered to ride again in 2012.  A huge thanks to Chris Waixel, Wayne Waixel and Bronwyn who set up at Hamilton, and all the riders, who did the hard yards. The Ride 4 Georgia team raised about $12,000 which was added to the fundraising account for Georgia.  It means that we were able to purchase a few unplanned items without waiting for government funding through the year.  Items such as:

A Harness for Georgia to travel on the bus for school excursions $700
Shoulder Bars for Georgia’s school chair                                                  $400
A laptop for Georgia to access the literacy program at school      $150 (Georgia is unable to hold a pen, so will complete her writing activities through the laptop, and her dynavox)
Software and Jelly Bean switches for the laptop                                  $180

It also means that for the first time, I will be able to attend information sessions and workshops to help us understand and deal with Georgia’s needs for the future. One of the sessions I am planning to go to in May 2012 is “The Traffic Jam in my Brain” by Genevieve Jereb, a world renowned Australian occupational therapist.  It is a full day workshop for carers of children with sensory integration dysfunction. This workshop costs $190 and will be held in Melbourne.

Another conference I am thinking of attending is in Brisbane in May 2012.  It is an annual conference run by Spectronics Australia.   The latest in electronic communication devices is showcased by people from all around the world. There is also many workshops to help you learn how to program and use the dynavox to best help your individual child, plus help on using I-pads, and other amazing products.  The conference costs around $900 and you obviously have to pay for your accommodation and flights too.  I would be expecting to pay around $2,500 for this conference, and without the fundraising efforts of 2011 we would not be able to consider going.

In Septemer 2012, there is also a camp which is open to children with complex communication needs for them and their family to attend a 4 day workshop in Rawson, Victoria.  The camp is called Big Mouth Camp and is run by Spectronics Australia in conjuction with CPEC.  This camp is open to children who have a dynavox and are of school age, to help them learn how to use their dynavox to communicate with their peers.  There is also sibling activites and workshops for the parents.  This camp costs $300 for the whole family, with thanks to the Melbourne Welsh Church for extra funding

The last fundraising event we held was the shopping tour in October, 2011.  It, like the others was a huge success, with almost 100 eager women (and one guy) on two buses meeting at a primary school in Ferntree Gully early one Saturday morning.  The tour hit some great outlets, and was so successful we had to miss two or three because we were running behind in time.  Lots of fun on the bus, and lots of great bargains made.  There was even some beautiful clothes donated to Georgia from one of the managers of one outlet.  A huge thanks must go to Jenny Brown and Lynda Buckley, who organised the whole day, even got some morning tea donated for us so that we could have a mid morning coffee and a muffin.  Around $3,000 was raised and added to the fundraising account.  We got back to the primary school to meet up with Ken and he had Georgia & Sienna there so the shoppers could meet Georgia and say thankyou.  Unfortunately Georgia’s cousin had broken his arm late in the afternoon, and had to be taken to hospital for surgery… an awful end for a fabulous day. 

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