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AAARGH – Why do I bother?

Some days I wish I was a better parent.  Not one of those super-mum’s – which I don’t believe actually exist – but at least a parent that was a little more consistent.  But I must explain.  Next month is our 20 year anniversary and Ken and I are planning to stay in the Yarra Valley for an evening away from the girls.  Because the area we are staying is not totally familiar, I thought I would check out the restaurants and cafe’s in the area near by our B&B.   The plan was to go into Warburton, find the B&B and a few restaurant ideas, have a picnic lunch and a play on the playground before heading home again. But as I have been finding lately, these outings, which I think have been as much about me escaping as getting the girls out into the fresh air – are very frustrating. Continue reading →