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A brand new start

Our little girl started primary school today.   Today, Georgia went off to school like any other 6 year old.  I am so thankful that the school we have chosen is very pro-active and inclusive.  So many of the schools that I have heard about have not been as welcoming to children with special needs and yet this school is looking forward to the challenge of helping Georgia to learn.  When it comes to decision making, I am one of those people who likes to prepare.  I investigate and analyse, research and finally make my choice.  It might take me longer than most, but when the decision is made I stick to it.  This is a good thing, usually, when you are making those decisions that are important.  Not such a good thing when you are talking about buying clothes (I usually decide that I like a ‘look’ two years after it’s in fashion – and then have trouble getting it!). Continue reading →